Tree Adoptions

Imagine telling your dinner guests about the olive tree you adopted in Italy.

Adopt an olive tree from the TRE OLIVE groves for one year. In return, we will send you some of the purest, most delicious, award-winning, Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Italy.

Become a part of the TRE OLIVE family and share your genuine, straight-from-our-grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the ones you love (use the store bought stuff for everyone else!)


The Welcome Package:

Adoption certificate, photos, welcome brochure with details about your adoption and three tins of extra virgin olive oil to get you started!


Meet Your Tree:

A photo of your tree, with all its graceful beauty and naturally imperfect glory. Your tree is tagged with your name for the adoption year.


Enjoy Olive Oil From Your Tree!

Three tins of extra virgin olive oil from your tree delivered in the Spring. Olives from your tree will be pressed, along with olives from neighboring trees (it's a family affair). Because some trees produce more oil and some produce less, we share the wealth.

Select Your Adoption Package

Makes a perfect & unique gift for weddings, birthdays or holidays!