The Mill & Process

TRE OLIVE is a hands-on, family tradition, and we take great care to produce some of the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Southern Italy.

The Mill

From start to finish, every aspect of the oil-making process is tended by our family.

From the tilling of the land to the careful pruning of the trees and the masterful nurturing of tree growth - each element of Olive Oil production has been learned and passed on through generations of the TRE OLIVE family. The harvest is optimized with perfect timing and hand-picked patience, and our pressing techniques create some of the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil available.

When we pour the finished product for shipment, it's just like the ancient poet Homer described it: "Liquid Gold." And we love sharing the wealth from our family's proudest tradition with you.

The Process

The TRE OLIVE tradition is one borne from masterful craftsmanship, and we take care to manage our artisanal techniques for their exceptional benefits.

The way we make our oil begins with the way we love and nurture our land. Everything literally grows from this.

Winter: In the winter months, our trees are tended with care to ensure a hearty return in the warmer months.

Spring: In springtime, the olive trees are pruned by our resident TRE OLIVE master – you can’t just start cutting branches if you don’t know what you’re doing! Pruning olive trees is difficult work, and not everyone has mastered the art of pruning. Lucky for us, Zio Mario is such a master. Not only does he prune the TRE OLIVE grove, but local farmers line-up for his services as well. He’s a genuine olive tree artist, and we’re proud to say he’s part of the TRE OLIVE family.

Summer: This is a crucial period, when the olive fruit has to be closely watched. As with any fruit, the olives are a delicious treat for insects and animals, so the TRE OLIVE crew is constantly patrolling the grove for potential bad influences.

Fall: Picking & Pressing usually starts in early fall. An early harvest produces a sharper tasting oil because the olives are greener. As the olives ripen, the oil becomes less sharp. The TRE OLIVE team is keenly observant of weather patterns and fruit maturity, so the olives from our trees can produce the most flavorful oil possible.